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I just want to start off saying how beneficial this class was to me, I've always wanted to learn how to make a font but never found anything out there, so I really appreiciate this class :)


I thought I'd practice my brush lettering while doing this class as well. The tall skinny letters reminded me of tulips so naturally thats what i named it.


Tulip vectorized in AI, all ready to go.


I used Font Forge to create my font, it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be! Really I only had to save my letters as SVG files and then plug them into FF.


Spacing out my letters was easy since my letters were nearly all the same width.


Here's Tulip finished and in action


This class was so much fun, and so very helpful!

I finished this font a while back actually but never got the chance to upload it here. I was so surprised to see how many downloads i got when i uploaded this to Dafont! Here's where i shared Tulip online:

Dafont - Tulip

Creative Two - Tulip


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