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Tulip Tango

Hi Everyone.  I'm so late but I finally was able to get it together (somewhat).  I love seeing all the great work in the gallery and it has helped me to be inspired. 

This project was fun and a great exercise to get familiar with A.I.  This is my spot graphic on the left and a coordinate for the main print on the right. 


Here is my main pattern.  I wasn't able to get the final files correctly merged/flattened--this is my repeat test.  It has problems that I tried to fix but after hours of trying--I've given up!  I'm not sure why the color looks so bright here--it's not how it looks on my originals. 


Here is the block:


Thanks for a wonderful class Elizabeth.  Although I have no experience in Ai--I'll give this a try.

I'm inspired by nature and flowers and love drawing and painting all types of blooms--I always come back to tulips.  I'd like to take the first photoshop pattern I created of tulips and rework for this project.   I'll take that design further and refine it--showing how they dance together while showcasing the delicate petals and working with the stems to create the beautiful fluid movement.   I'll use a limited and sophisticated pallette, rendering them to evoke a passionate and intense 'Tulip Tango'!



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