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Tularecito (2nd Draft!!)

It's the first time ever for me writing a script, and English is not my mother language. This is to say I'd really appreciate any kind of feedback regarding my writing - the drafting and the english.



I never read Pastures of Heaven nor i had heard of it before. I enjoyed reading it so much I fell in love with it.

This particular story is the 4th chapter of the book, and I had the pleasure of reading it in my own language, sitting on a bench on the sea in my hometown in Italy. I shared a perfect moment with Tularecito and he helped me realize most of our issues as a society depends on fear.

This is a story about fear of different

By the word different i mean something or someone who doesn't belong to the culture, use or tradition of a person or a group of people. 

Tularecito is a boy who find difficulties on relating to others. He has an amazing strenght and he is much bigger than boys of his age. He always refused to go to school and for this reason is incapable - and non curant - of other people. Whenever he is happy to express himself, by drawing or sculpting animals, he feels attacked by others and repays defending himself - most of the time hurting someone. Even when he tries to approach to his teacher, just to ask her some questions about a book, to her he looks harmful and intimidating. The story has a tragic ending: Tularecito ends up in a mental hospital in Napa.

What I want to do is try to enter Tularecito's mind and look at the process of discrimination from his perspective. I would like to recreate Tularecito's surreal world and show how extremely simple  and complicated at the same time life could be for an autistic boy like him.

To do so, I decided to introduce a new carachter that lives in his mind.


1st Draft: 


UPDATE : I was thinking about doing something different, like turning this into a silent film.  I think the intentions and minds of the carachters could be better explained without any need for words.

Please let me know if you think this is somewhat a good idea :)



The life of the simple minded Tularecito is shaken by his entering to school. His incapability of connecting to others along with people's fear leads him to an inevitable destiny.


I'd be really happy to know what you all think about my idea, and feedbacks from you could help me realize what is working and what isn't. 

Thank you anyway for the consideration :)


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