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"Tub of Joe" -- all natural Bath collection inspired by and made with coffee.

ok here is the mock up of how the outside sides of carier would look with labels and a beginning to the inking of one of the tub of joe girls.n (the carrier) you are seeing the front and back of the 4 slot drink carrier with the labels how they would be placed.

Thank you Hannah!!!

I tweaked my logo with your comments, thank you , I think it helped. I did leave the darker outline, just looks more complete to me with it, ( see it with out it and see what you think)  its not a drop shadow really just part of the design. The second pic is my labels for the outside of the carrier. Each section of the drink carrier will label the product in that spot and then the container will have a version of that label on it as well. I do have my containers thank you! I put in just my rough sketches for my tub of joe girls, these will be vector and inked digitally when done. But just so you get the idea.

I uploaded my logo

Also the beginnings of my labels, I am working on my girls in tub graphics for each project.


I honed in my project to a much more manageable group of products.  It is a bath collection, all natural made with coffee. I know I am a bit behind now, but my sketches are now almost done now that I have narrowed it down.

The product line is called

"Tub of Joe"

It comes in  a 4 compartment drink carrier similar to this one:

The four products inside will be:

1.Coffee Sugar Scrub Called

"Get up and Joe"

It will be housed in a small metal coffee tin.

2. Coffee and Almond Milk Bath Called:

"Thanks a Latte"

This will be in the glass jar like the frappacinos from starbucks.

3. Cocoa and Coffee Face Mask Called:


This will be in a plastic short travel mug with lid

4. Honey, Cocoa, and Shea Body Butter Called:

"Honey, Butter my Biscotti"

Housed in a butter like tub, round

Like I said my sketches are almost done,

The logo consists of the name "Tub of Joe" and a girl in a tub shaped like a coffee cup.

I will post them as soon as they are ready, thanks for your patience!

Here is my initial brainstorm of thoughs and ideas on this project...

Homemade natural beauty products.... made from natural and organic foods, spices oils, nuts, etc

sugar scrubs
body butters
hair treatments
nail treatments
tea tanning stains

Packaging ideas....

products come as a kit in a lunchbox,

picnic basket,

lunch bag,

drink carriers,

Take Out Box (chinese) or other carryout containers

Possible names or catchphrases... stll unsure of my name but I am circling it, I think

“You are what you eat”

"Looks Good Enough to Eat"

"YOU look good enough to eat"

"Food for your whole body."

"Feed your skin, hair etc"

"Whats on the outside does count"

"Beauty inside and OUT"

"Beauty IS only skin deep"

"Pretty Picnic"

"Body Buffet"

For this project I think I a going to narrow it down to 3 or 4 products in a lunch box and/or a drink carrier ( I can always expand later...)

Some packaging images I found are as follows.

As far as look I like these inspirational pics for feel and color:

I like hand drawn elements in black and white with possible full color images mixed together, a monochromatic theme with pops of color. I also like a retro feel with a modern twist.

Unfortunately: these camera vs pencil pics were the best example I could find of what I was talking about:

but I was thinking of a more cohesive look where there is seemless transition, maybe a large element is hand drawn and the rest is realisticly colored but no seperations or vice versa. Hopefully I am explaining this well enough for a general idea.

So I know I want my outside containers to be a lunchbox/drink container

For the interior containers ( holding the actual products ) I am thinking of beer bottles, pop bottles, mason jars, other jars and containers that are sortof repurposed or traditionally used for something else.


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