Trying to spend more time making things by hand

I'm a graphic designer and spend a lot of time on the computer for work and often find "I don't have time" to fill in my sketchbook. I'm starting this class in hope that I start using my hands and paper more often to create and think about things...

Day 1

I picked 3 random things from my surrounding to start the assignment. A pen cap, ball of string and a hair comb. I thought all three make surprisingly nice patterns :) 


Day 2

I like having to search around my apartment to look for things I would never think of using. I have a whole bunch of dry flowers, so I picked a smaller one to paint with. The magic bowl said "favourite things" and one of my favourite things is tea - turned out quite messy...


Day 3

Today I picked a blue pen and got 2 minutes on the "random dice" to draw a jellyfish.
I actually forgot to set the time and continued sketching more of them and in the end decided to add some watercolour to it. I really enjoyed drawing one object a couple of times in different shapes, I don't practice it that often, it would be something I would like to do more in the future...



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