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Trying to release myself from logic

My three words

Logical - I am a coder / programmer on top of being a designer. Logic is my strong suit however I tend to try to defy that every change I get. I was a perfectionist that literally didn't draw anything for years because I felt like the paper wasn't worth the work I was about to put on it. I had hordes of completely empty sketchbooks. I think it comes from back when I was a kid and we didn't have a lot of money for much and I would get yelled at for throwing away too much of it when i was coloring. Then I realized I was valuing this paper, which is literally $0.075 per sheet, more than I was valuing my creative process. I've not tried to embrace the imperfections and maintain the logic.

Chaotic - I am a nervous, anxious, slight disorganized person. I rarely create chaos or drama but if you lived inside my mind it's a different story. 

2 - I suppose that's not really a word, but it was one of the first things that came to mind. I have my design studio with my husband. We work together on projects all the time. Without him I wouldn't be where I am today and without me he wouldn't be where he is today. The two of us are something. What, I'm not sure of.

^^ This is something that would literally kill me to put into the public. Ugly, crude, AND its taking up a precious piece of paper with it's ugliness. 


  1. Original grape crate that I bought from a nice man at a tag sale who gave it to me very cheaply because he said he believes it will be "well loved". I absolutely LOVE the 3D type and the colors
  2. Menu at one of my favorite lunch cafes that always catches my attention. 
  3. I LOVE this texture. It happened when a gust of wind blew my hat off my head and into the fluffiest snow ever. This was this past winter during record low temps and the snow was super dry and made really interesting textures. 
  4. Swedish horse!! (Dala Horse) I absolutely love these. Any one you buy, no matter where you buy it from, is hand painted. Yep. That's a fact. (so long as it's a wooden one) When i was young my grandma had four of them and I used to stare at the brush strokes on it. I have yet been able to emulate those brush strokes that you would see on any one of these horses. 
  5. Graffiti in Paris was amazing and the thought about HOW they got up there and painted such a huge piece baffles my mind. 
  6. Michele Mikesell paintings. I love the colors and the realism she portrays in these completely fantastical paintings! They're so far from realism but so close at the same time. Love it. 
  7. Michele Mikesell
  8. Lora Zombie paintings. She is one of my favorite artists and her work has a freedom that I could only dream of matching. 
  9. Lora Zombie


Ok I know these aren't generic marks. I am working on that, but I spent a day last week just drawing letters, words, my name, and general marks on this piece of paper. 

Had this idea last night while I was working - to use some jewlery making wire (which i've never actually used for making jewlery) for doing lettering. The word ASS kinda was the only one I could make at this point. The only two letters I was able to really get to look like letters at this time were A and S, so .. I did the logical thing and wrote a dirty word. Playing with more letter forms later today. 

Another little lettering project with the jewlery wire. As you can see, I kinda overworked the "swash" coming off of the "g". The wire is COMPLETELY unforgiving which is good because it forces me to just use it as is and not overthink. If i overthink and try to tweak the flow of the material too much it gets all weird and bumpy looking and can even snap off! 


I think i decided what topic I want my poster to be. I am going to go with animal rescue / dog adoption. I am playing with a few concepts already, one being long the lines of the I HATE BALLS method of communication. Blunt, honest, to the point and maybe just a little funny/snarky enough to make it shareable. 

Some background on dog rescue and myself - I own TWO rescue dogs. One is a puppy mill rescue who was born without a foot because of the terrible breeding ethics of this "business" owner. I don't know how anyone can make an enterrpise off of living things, but yea. The other dog is about the saddest dog i've ever met. He is a rescue from craigslist and had some serious issues with fear that we've been working with over the last three years. He's sad, but he's well loved. Together myself and my husband work hard to help promote animal welfare / animal rights and specifically the ADOPT DON'T SHOP ethos. I think this will be my goal for my poster. 

p.s. BUG is the name of my sad chihuahua 

Any thoughts on the actual words / conversation on the poster is ALWAYS welcome! 


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