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Trying to get out of the box

Starting the assignments, initially I tryed to make a couple of drawings of objects using materials I would nornally not use. First, coffee:


I used instant coffee grains mixed with water, and actual grains to make the darker parts. To give the painting a better finishing, some touches with Faber Castell PITT pens (B and S). I used old and cheap brushes as I was not sure the coffee could damage my watercolor brushes :-)


Another drawing I made was from my alarm clock. The techniques are not really unconventional, but for me they were, as this was the 1st time I was using dark and white pencils/leds to make a drawing in a dark paper - just a sheet of paper I found with my stationary.


I used a white dry pastel led (with holder), a Nero extrasoft pencil, and also a white paint marker to make some details that the pastel was not rendering well - specially because the paper was reasonably smooth.


For the face drawing with a continuous line, I stayed in front of a large mirror using a small drawing board. The result was rather amusing :-)



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