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Trying to find a picture perfect morning

I learned so much more from this class then I expected. Beyond the great instruction and feedback that Adam provided, I discovered what my daily morning routine was less then picturesque.

I found that most mornings I drink my coffee on the run before the sun is out, which leads to very poorly lit pictures. Even though I don't start my day in a lovely cafe' or eat delicious looking pastries (fyi protein bars don't photograph well) I learned that I could still get creative. I also discovered that perhaps I would like to make some changes to my morning routine.

This was a rare morning that I could enjoy my coffee out on the deck. I always started out my edits in color but would end up changing them to black and white for some reason. Adam gave me some great feedback that color will enhance food photos and that I should try adding a human element to my photos as well. I did these edits in Snapseed. 

I took this one at work. There are no windows and the light is harsh so I ended up doing another black and white edit because I thought the shadows would be less distracting. This is what I got

Agin I used Snapseed to edit this to black and white. I also used the selective adjustment tool to try and brighten up a few shadows.

I was waiting for the dog to do his morning business and thought I could work in a quick photo. It was so hard for me to not turn this one to black and white. There are so many colors going on that I find it all a bit to busy, but Im trying to learn and grow so this is what I stuck with. I used Snapseed to straighten things up and made a few color adjustments. I also tried a VSCOcam filter (i think it was the C2)

Today was my last chance to capture my morning. Over the last few weeks I have taken a ton of pictures, but I never did get the perfect shot. I frequently check the Instagram feed for this class and am so impressed with everyones work. I kept thinking that one morning it would just happen, but it didn’t.


I used Snapseed once agin to crop and adjust colors. I didn't mention it before but used the center focus tool on all of my edits. I boosted the saturation on this picture because it was still pretty dark in my dinning room and I wanted the fall colors to pop out.

Thanks Skillshare and Adam for a great class. I know I will take what I have learned and keep searching for the perfect morning picture.


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