Trying to be quiet..

Trying to be quiet.. - student project

Trying to be quiet.. - image 1 - student project

Ok so here's my latest image (top), I've worked on adding a bit more texture without going too mad. (Because I use watercolours there's already lots of texture in there, so don't want to over-do it!). I layered some pencil linework over parts of it and the zebra stripes over one of the circles with the paw which I like. Any thoughts you guys have would be greatly appreciated :)

Trying to be quiet.. - image 2 - student project

Ok so here's my 'quiet' illustration, I don't vectorized or anything as that's not my style, I like hand drawn images. I went for a red/orange/yellow/brown pallet, and I did push the composition to be more abstract from my original ideas as Brad suggested which I think definitely helps give it something :) !

Trying to be quiet.. - image 3 - student project

So after doing my brainstorm above on the word quiet, I honed in on the ideas of hunters. Living in London, to be quiet can actually often be threatening and ominous- I don't like it! So looking at something where 'quiet' was a dark theme attracted me. The first creature that popped into my head was a lioness- fierce, dangerous and silent. What a beast. So I began my sketches below looking at ways of representing this quiet hunter :) Feedback would be greatly appreciated guys!

Trying to be quiet.. - image 4 - student project

Ruth Joyce

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