Trying out color..

Trying out color.. - student project

Hi Gabrielle,

Thanks for the wonderful lesson. This is my first portrait in color, and I picked a photo where color is kind of atypical :)

Here's the original, quite a great piece, but I had to improvise as parts of the head are missing from the photo:
Trying out color.. - image 1 - student project

So what I did here was sketch the outlines until I kinda nailed them (I did have to return to liquify later on quite a few times).

Here are my steps:

Trying out color.. - image 2 - student project

And this is the final result:

Trying out color.. - image 3 - student project

I think what helped me here was the things that you helped me with your comment in one of your other portrait classes. I didn't go super detailed on anything other than the eyes/nose/lips and left the hair and rest unfocused.

The circle in the end was just something I came up with on a whim tbh, didn't plan it but it seemed alright in my head.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to share :)