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Almu Muñoz

Art Director & Illustrator



Trying it with a Jellyfish


I´m Almu and recently i have Started to use Skillshare, because I want to know more tecnical skills of illustration and graphic desing. I begin with this tutorial because I love this type of illustration and I never tried seriously to make one. 

The animal I have choose is a jellyfish, because i think is an animal who is as beautifull as dangerous, even some of this kind of animal can kill a human.



Yes, they´re hated by everyones at the beach, but... ¡LOOK HOW THEY BRIGTH IN THE DARK! And also, they didn´t have any skeleton, making his shape so interesting to draw. 


At the end, I choose the last one picture for this project, with some modifications of shape and elements of another pictures, but is this one. 

I have searched for a lot of compositions, these is the most interesting that I have found. 


Also i searched for a style, like Ricardo Cavolo for the geometrical draws.


And this is at the moment, what I have. Soon, more details:



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