Trying it all

Trying it all - student project

I decided to use as many of the tools as I learned about on my project.  I smudged. I warped. I changed the hue and saturation. I dropped color to fill a space. I learned how to fix it so it only covered the spot I had intended to cover! (So glad I learned how to do that!) I Alpha Locked to change just one color. I combined layers! I made a cache of my favorite brushes!  Thank you for the tips.  I knew a few of them but and I knew a few were possible but not how to make it happen. A few things I did not know were possible so this was a great class! I watched on my Mac and doodled on my iPad.  This is not really my normal kind of art but I really liked how the green and purple smudged and looked like a dress everything else sort of just went to support making the smudged blob work itself into a dress and then hair... it was fun.


Trying it all - image 1 - student projectTrying it all - image 2 - student project

Just Janet
2 hours into the 10,000 needed to be an expert!