Try a Rubber Duckie tessellation

Try a Rubber Duckie tessellation - student project

Using your newly acquired skills in symmetry group P4g, the system I like to call "head to head, elbow to elbow, feet to feet". In the case of this project, the little ditty is a bit different "eyeball to eyeball, wing to wing". The flippers don't actually reach each other.

Open KaleidoPaint, an choose symmetry group P4g, a.k.a. wallpaper group 12. If the notation is set to orbifold in the symmetry settings, that would be 4*2. Nerdy, I know, which is why I'd rather use my own short descriptions. A four-way rotation inside a box of identical mirrors.

Here's the drawing simplified, no colour fill. Your first line to draw is the red one, your main outline. After that, add some detail for the interior of the figure.

Try a Rubber Duckie tessellation - image 1 - student project

Here we are cheating with a symmetrick. Using part of the mirror to create the eyeballs. All in good fun.

Use the edit button on the bottom right of the interface to tweak your lines, add nodes, delete nodes, convert those nodes to curves or corners, add a few, delete a few.

Double tap your stylus to fill a close shape.

Post your project! Upload it to your instagram account and tag it#kaleidopaintstudent