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Truth in Stone

July 20 (Evolution of notes/progress at the bottom after the script)

Latest Draft of script is below

Selected Text

We chose the Spoon River Anthology for our adaptation.  Neither of us had read it and felt it would be more challenging working with fresh eyes and new material.


Richard Bone fears his life is a series of lies etched in stone.  An elderly widow is about to give him hope.


July 14

It's not that we have lost interest in comments or reviewing other projects out there, we have been ridiculously sick the past week.  Thank you to everyone who has looked or commented on the project.  Returns will happen soon.  And, in a couple of days, a revised script will be posted.

July 6

First, thank you to all who have read and commented on the first draft.  Comments are always valuable.  Second, made a minor change to the previous post by replacing STEP with PHASE, only because I realized they may be confused with the steps laid out for the project.

The question was asked have we (Danielle and myself) written together before.  The answer is yes.  We are a couple and we both write.  Together we have written a full-length screenplay, and are working on its sequel, and we each have our own novels that we are working on independently.  We both share a passion for movies, particularly horror, and put that passion and our shared love for writing together to create something we can do collaboratively.

In another day or two we will begin another read-through of the script and pull our logline from there.  Edits will be made and we will post the second draft.


July 5

PHASE 1 - The book we chose was Spoon River Anthology.  After reading the book it became clear that Spoon River was a morose place to be.  It was not a poetry collection that left one with even the slightest feeling of brightness.  Two stories rang out as hopeful souls.  Lucinda Matlock, who chides the people of Spoon River for living such dark and dismal lives, and Richard Bone, the man responsible for carving the epitaphs of residents as they pass.  Putting these two together seemed the logical thing to do.  With these two characters the entirety of Spoon River, its falsehoods and darkness of souls, could be brought to the story.

Our process after reading is to brainstorm and make notes that shape the story.  Two days of throwing ideas back and forth we had the story and set to writing the script.  Because of my visceral hatred of all things Google the first draft of the script for Truth in Stone is below.

PHASE 2 - Logline and summary will follow.  

PHASE 3 - Revisions.  As the script is revised the current version will be posted.


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