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Trump Hot Potato

I chose "Hot Potato" for my idiom.  There's a lot of hot potato issues right now, but I felt Donald Trump was appropriate.  Who wants to be stuck with a Trump potato?  Not me!  A half-baked potato might be appropriate as well.  Anyway, I found myself illustrating a lot of puns at first but eventually decided to make Mr. Trump the potato.  


This was my final sketch before I put it into Photoshop.  I felt like the sketch really looked like a smug Trump, but I'm not sure that the final result was succesful.  Also, I don't have a copier so I took photos of a piece of tin foil and a potato for my textures.  Looking forward to trying Mikey's technique when I can get my hands on an old copier.  


I really enjoyed this class.  I might try a couple more.  Looking forward to some feedback.  Thanks Mikey!


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