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Truly Righteous

                                                   ----my comandment----

        '' keeping it 100 but 100 dont keep it true '' - nipsey hussle 

means to me be authintic to yourself even if most people are not cause they think its easier to fall in line or  go with the flow . So be honst with yourself dont fool yourself into being or wanting somthing that isnt you .




                                               --- so what the hell is it ?---

   All of us are apart of a special group , an army of people that want excatly what we crave in life the most and that is our truest form . weather it is a certain place to live to live new way or certain goal to reach  that puts you on a whole new level, We all have that somthing . And that somthing to me is all that should matter. that very movement twards  that is your true self  always going to pull you in the right dierection . that is Truly Righteous and that what we express.

                                                 ------ Gut to the skin ------


                    were all misfits when it comes to somthing , family , school, outtings

so why not own it . Its who you are so it makes you apart of a specail group or army we could say ....and army of people not afraid to be fuck ups, dream chasers, freedom fighters, mismatch bunch of mix breeds that im proud to have in this army

                                                        --- the roots--

       it all started in the sunshine state ( FL ) full of swamps on one side and beaches on the other . i was your average student didnt like school but still wanted more out of life than just a degree in field i didnt care for the rest of my life . its more about creating and sharing that just somthing to do to pass time around or make quick cash . i love clothing but i also love painting ,drawing and taking photos i just know there isnt any real school out there that really teach you your lane other than life itself. And life is the hardest ,  strictist  , and unforgiving teacher of them all so once i make it i know i can clear the path for the next after me like marc ecko and vince staple did. but this came for the desire and need to create what i love to do .So i quit school and went on to be a student of life and strarted my journy with my brand 


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