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True love waits

Thank you for your class, i learnt some useful tips. I usually clean my works with eraser, not mask and i see the difference now - it gives a chance to reveal if i cleaned too much. But i had some difficulties with that mask later, when i moved letters across the photo. Is there any way to merge mask with layer after i feel it's done and i'm not going to change anything there again?


I don't have any scanner, so i just took a photo in raw, i suppose it's still good enough. Oh, one more question - it was pretty hard to get the color i wanted working just with hue, can i use eyedropper tool instead somehow? I think it,d be great to pick some color from the backgraund.

I used my one photo, the quote by radiohead - ready to st.valentines day hah )

Anyway thank you for inspiring class! I'm in love with your "good times" work!


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