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True North

Hi there! 

My name is Jaydee, and I've been on Skill Share since October 2013, but have yet to upload a project... Welp, here goes I guess!


I started with brainstorming words that went with the brand "True North", I also used pinterest to find more inspiration being this is my first project. When I finished a page I reflected on my sketches and decided I wanted to incorporate "honest" and "map" into my sketched. Light bulb moment. 


I felt really good about incorporating a compass and old school tattoo lettering. I was also thinking about doing something like the below picture.


I don't have a scanner, so I snapped a pic with my trusty iPhone, and emailed it to myself after playing with the levels in Afterlight.

Once Uploaded, I saw that live trace wasn't an option - not the best artist folks! I opened up my layers pallet and began tracing my compass and type on different layers. I decided I wanted a bit more "pizzaz" so I added a boarder as well.


I thought things were looking pretty okay. I am especially proud of the curve on the top of the N.


After I tweked a few things, I uploaded to Photoshop to add some textures. I went with a mustard background because I thought it spoke to the old timey "honesty" concept.


Boy was I wrong. I hated this! I thought it looked aweful! So I left it alone and went to make some lunch. 

I then began perusing the other projects, and really love the "Go Explore The Planet" photo layer. So I wanted to explore that. Here's what I came up with:


I added an arrow and an "X" to imply that this spot was indeed the "True North" the text was talking about. 

All in all, I'm not happy with the way my project turned out. BUT, the one huge take away for me by actually doing this project is; Don't stop when you get frustrated. Try something else. Every time you go back and edit, or refine, you will be that much happier with the end result. 

I think if I go back in, I'm going to add a white blob in the compass and have the text show through to the photo. 

Any advice you have would be a huge help!

I'm a fan of the start, stop, continue critique.

What should I start doing?

What should I stop doing?

What should I continue to do?


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