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True Grit - The Brain Wave Album Release Poster


I would like to start with saying that I reallyl oved your videos, and that this is something I tried to figure out for so, so long! And at last, somebody showed me how to do it.

The videos are great - fun, easy to follow, pleasant to listen to, and most importantly - show that you can really enjoy every step of the project.

Since I am doing these during my work hours in a media agency, I did not have uch time for experimentation ( I will definitely do it at home!), and I have simply used a texture that we had already scanned in, and one scan of my fingertips covered in a gel pen, smothered around the page.

I decided to create a album release poster, with the band name True Grit, and the album name The Brain Wave.

I used these two textures:




I then went on to playing around with type in illustrator. I have added an old illustration I created for another project, and added a title and a description. I also added a wave shape to add a little bit of context.


I then followed a couple of steps from the turorial, and then literally just played around with colours, blending modes, and even halftone filter, which added the really cool final effect.


Again, thank you very much and I intend on using your tutorials a lot in the future.

Thanks a lot,



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