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Rachel Lucette Adams

Freelance Illustrator and Designer



True Grit Poster

I went to the cinema to watch the re-make of this great film with my dad. My absent dad, however... the occasional cinema trip was something we did share. I used to relish the time together, watching films I'd never usually choose and chatting intently about their contents after on the long walk back home.

I remember the western paperback book covers, littering the crammed booked shelves that lined the walls of his house. Their sepia colour tones and simple graphics. And wanted to recreate the style. 

I had loads of fun creating the rolled ink scans. Made far too much mess. The cat even managed to get involved, trailing black paw prints from one room to another. Thank goodness I have floorboards. Here are the tiffs I made with the results. 



The star of the films, for me anyway, was the young girl character, Mattie Ross. And I wanted my poster to reflect this. I imagined the dry arran planes, scorched by the sun, dusty without moisture or life. And the imposing presence of the Winding Stair Mountain range, looming in the background harbouring her target.

This is the image befor I started to add texture. 


I usually only work in Illustrator, as much of my client work needs to be scaleable vectors. Using photoshop has been great fun. And I’m really happy with my first attempt. I have kept it rather subtle mind. My next attempt will be braver!

Finished Poster 



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