True Grit, Kitty

True Grit, Kitty - student project

True Grit, Kitty - image 1 - student project

Rolled a few inky textures and made inky smudges. FUN!

True Grit, Kitty - image 2 - student project

Scanned in my inky textures and other possible textures, cardboard, canvas book covers. I also took photos of concrete and stone, rusty metal and painted walls.

True Grit, Kitty - image 3 - student project

True Grit, Kitty - image 4 - student project

True Grit, Kitty - image 5 - student project

The next step..thinking..hmm "True Grit" sounds like a brand for KITTY LITTER! off to draw my cat.

After scanning in the drawing and scaling to fit an A4 page, I made a print and cleaned up the line work. The shapes were made in illustrator and the text is had drawn then image traced and distorted with ripple effect.

True Grit, Kitty - image 6 - student project

After an all day slog at the computer, the poster came together, I could keep going but my time frame was this pencils down! Have to say this was one hell of a journey with photoshop, I've been using it for years never amazes me as how much there is still to learn! Thanks Andrew for the brilliant course, great to hear an Australian voice!