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Melissa Robitille

Author, Editor, Graphic Designer



True Grit John Wayne


As my copy of Photoshop is being stubborn about saving *anything* to bitmap, the entire project... along with the computer... was nearly thrown out of the nearest window. Still, one soldiers on! John got asphalt, concrete, and some interesting 'artsy fartsy' paper that's just too absorbent to be anything but a texture or extra-crunchy toilet paper. The lettering got rippled six ways to Sunday, two layers of asphalt, a layer of fairly smooth concrete, and some really cool sand (and would NOT change colors and look good once it was rasterized, not for love nor money). The frame got rippled and a grungey frame that I thought looked pretty good. As for the type in the bottom, damned if I know what they actually put at the bottom of movie posters - it's never in big enough print for me to see it!


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