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True Freshman Sportswear Lookbook

These pictures were part of a test shoot to imitate Karmaloop product shots.

True Freshman Sportswear is more than a t-shirt company, it is a lifestyle brand that started as an idea to fuse my favorite fashion, art, sports, and hip-hop into one culture. True Freshman combines its own new brand of streetwear with new and used vintage clothing and sportswear and that's how it defines its roots in the over populated fashion scene. True Freshman is designed to give you classicstyles and imaginative colorways to match up with your favorite team apparel whether its a brand new snapback or throwback Starter jacket. Fashion design and art is my passion, and you will see that my brand is a direct reflection of my personal style and influences.

I am a self-taught graphic design, photographer and web designer. I have done a lot of freelance deisgn work as well as intern for popular clothing brand Two in the Shirt and Seattle clothing boutique Deli. I began drawing clothing my own clothing line while still a teenager and begin printing and selling my own designs out of my backpack at the local mall. I have used my skills to turn my passion into a business that I have full creative control and. Follow me as I progress and continue to grow as a digital artist, blogger and fashion designer and work to turm my dream into a career!

BTW... photography really isnt my forte! Its more of a hobby that comes along with the fashion thing but I did my best! =)

Here is the mood board for my project!

Recently I got a job at a embroidery shop so I have been working on my skills making snapbacks and beanies so I decided to do my project with my new products! All of the hats and beanies in the pics were embroidered personally by me and I also do the vest and as well. The screen printing is done by a friend of mine I went to school with.
I took these pics in preperation for the project. 

I had a few girl friend help me with the shoot and we had a fun time that day getting it all done!

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