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True Character and My attempt to capture it.

So my story is this woman, she is a friend and coworker who has been gracious enough to model for me as I hone my skills and persue my love if photograhy, She is a medical professional whos kind heart and and peacful manner puts patience and peers at ease even during the most stresfull times. When she is home she is a single mother whos strong character, iron family values and playfull nature have created strong independent and driven children. Satinder is her name, she chose her own wardrobe; did her own makeup, and I did my best to capture her in these shots as she is. I wanted to show in these images her strength and her beauty, her calm thoughtfulness, and her subtle ferocity. I hope I did her justice.

Thank you for viewing this, all comments are apprieciated.

Thank you Van Styles and Skillshare for giving me this opportunity to learn.

Instagram is @Pure_Capture_Images



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