Trucker Show on the Road

Trucker Show on the Road - student project

Trucker Show on the Road - image 1 - student projectBought a truck with my friend who is an experienced trucker on the road.

I will continue to document the trips we will be taking from the east coast to the west coast.

Will include crazy trucker jamboree parties at random truck stops to delicious pitstops diners that made you wish you were there...and learning trucker slang! Like...e.g Watch out for those lot lizards!!!  e.g And stop calling me a seat cover!!!

And after all the dances with an icy road, tornadoes chasing our behinds, and blizzards that want to blow us away...there is still room for sightseeing in the big and small cities and visiting those weird tourist attractions where ufo sighting are suppose to be at.     

Come on who doesn't want to experience the open road like the trucker's do? =0)


America Lopez

College Student