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Troutman Studio

8 PRINCIPLES OF STYLING (see above photo):

Needs - sitting area with comfy cushions and a table to set things on

Shape - good mix of rectangular, square and round objects

Color - white and brown/natural colors

Pattern - striped fabric on cushions, interesting pattern on floor rug

Texture - fabrics, wood, glass bowl on table

Placement - accent pillows draw the eye into the room, pictures on walls hang at interesting juxtaposition

Bling - glass bowl on table

Botanicals - nice dark green plant as centerpiece of table




I'm starting this project a little late in the day (night). Please forgive the poor quality of these photos. I'll test my interior photography skills for the "after" photos, and I'll be sure to shoot with ample daylight.

I LOVE my apartment. I live in a large studio space in Brooklyn, New York, on the 4th floor of a very industrial but residential building. I feel fortunate to have found such a large space with tons of natural light due to our 8 foot tall windows. The only issue is that I do not have the knowledge or funds to decorate the place professionally. I'm hoping this class will teach me some tricks for highlighting and celebrating the uniqueness of my home. I would love to show it's character to friends and family through photos. As of now it only comes across as unfinished.


I am missing a proper floral arrangement, but at least I have the vessel! Will try to run to a flower shop over the weekend.

I think my coffee table styling is boring, but at least it's a slight improvement over the former look. Help! Any suggestions on how to punch it up? Would like to keep the features to a minimum. Maybe I need less, but more impactful items?


Does it look better with NO styling, as shown in the 5th/last photo? I also changed the items featured on the bench/coffee table.


I attempted to fill the cubbies in the console, which successfully hides most of the cords and cables that run behind it. I also bought a new plant that should grow vertically to match the height of the TV. The color palette of my bedroom, where this console is located, is green and royal blue.


We have lots of photography and fashion magazines. Some styled photos I've seen show stacks of magazines lined up vertically, with spines facing out. I tried this and it didn't look right, so I created stacks of mags and arranged them so similar blue covers were showing. I used "X" bookends that my boyfriend bought from Ikea a few years back, added a framed picture from our vacation in the Bahamas, and some silver salt bowls I purchased at Anthropologie for $2 each. 


And I'm finished! Finished as far as the assignments go, that is. I can't wait to try these techniques throughout the rest of the loft.

I love fluffy down comforters, but it's summer and too hot for all of that bedding. I replaced my usual comforter with a blue, white, and yellow quilt that's lighter but still cozy. I have a surplus of pillows which I decided to split into two groups - the pillows on the bed have pillow cases in similar colors, and the pillows to the right along the wall have random pillowcases that have been accumulated from parents, former roommates, etc. I think that works pretty well for me. I didn't want to purchase all new bedding and this seems to be an easy way to aesthetically improve things on top of my little sleeping loft.


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