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Troubles in paradise

Dear Skillshare and others,

Can't be enough thankful for this experience and chance to learn and participate in this lovely documentary workshop from Amy which I admire very much. Different approach, the bright views in the darkest scenes, full of hope and celebrating life is what her work hitting on me to driving will and power to explore more.

These two's are representing unfortunate scene that has befallen us last summer. The large forest fire above Selce and Crikvenica, in Croatia in 2012. There were no injuries, but it was tense because of the strong tempest which was growing hour to hour and new fires closer and closer to us. Everything around us was covered with soot and air unbreathable had that sick orange colour. The sea surface got these strange reflections from smoke and sun rays which trying to find a way to water.

For a few hours we stay outta town, which almost lost a battle against woodfire, and watching reactions of tourists as you can se on the second shoot. Then many of us just stopped to hide, and start observing this dance of smoke and sun on the sky, with or without masks on the same spot on a beach.

In the fall of that same year, when I was with my folks, in these forests there was only black and white hills, only dry-stone walls that shared the hills into small geometrics fields and lines. The trees in the forest are still steamed and crackled, choking smoke, but as everything has an ending, here and there encountering fresh green sprouts on, far more fertile country.

Hope I still can go back and continue this story of new nostalgia. Enjoy in the spreaded story Autumn in Kvarner.


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