Troubles In Bayport


Story Title: Troubles in Bayport

Story Theme: Love and family matters where the main character is faced with an internal conflict of choosing which parent to permanently live with while battling her teenage love and social life where she is likely to make mistakes.

Story Categories: Young Adult

Word Count: 10,000 to 15,000 words

Story Rating: PG 13

Story Description: Lucy and Ethan had a love that started in high school and continued to college, they were the perfect pair, nothing could come between then ....until Lucy's parents decided to get a divorce and her dad wants her to come live with him. Between this battle of teenage love and raging parents Lucy's Troubles in Bayport have now begun.......

Story Overview:  This Young Adult shows how a teenage girl is still hurting after losing her dad when her parents had a divorce then years later losing her mother to a car accident while on their way to Lucy's dance rehearsals. Lucy is now forced to leave behind the endless love and friendship she built with her high school boyfriend and friends in order to start a new life in London. After days of pleading she had no choice but to make a decision When she got to London everything changed and Ethan became a shadow memory in her mind, Bayport was just another town on the map. and her best friends Todd, Emblem and George became followers on twitter.  Nevertheless her old life still existed and though she tired to forget it her 20th birthday brought surprises when former boyfriend Ethan traveled half way across the world to see her. Little did he know Lucy had already moved on with new friends and fell deeply in love with the heartbreak kid Alec well so she thought. 


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