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Paula Marins

Art & Design Enthusiast



- Tropicana -


I am currently living in the countryside of Brasil and it is just so inspiring! I took photographs of plants in my backyard and created my Moodboard with them. The bamboo is a rooftop of a small bungalow my mom made some years ago. 


 Here are my Sketches/motifs fully colored. I drew them directly in illustrator and I tried to portray them in different ways as in what i was seeing. The colors changed later on.


This is my color palette. Even though the image has quite bright vivid tons, i chose some neutral ones and a few darks for contrast.


And here is my repeating pattern... Initially i was going for a half drop repeat with two bouquet motifs, but i had a really hard time trying to get it right, so this is what i came up with... for now. I will continue to  work on this pattern with the elements scattered and also try to master the half drop repeat!


Thank you so much Bonnie for this super informative class! Your didactic skills are amazing! :) 



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