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Catherina Garcia

Graphics, web & motion



Tropical birds

I made a trip to the colombian coast in december 2014, and  there were a lot of decorative objects in the house where I stayed, everything concerning the tropical-caribbean theme. So I took some pictures and draw a couple of things in my ipad, from tablecloths to wood objects hanged in the wall. Then I exported to Illustrator.


Then I started to make it work in a composition and also started exploring color. There were a lot of iterations before I came to this first version.

With this iteration I even tried to create some kind of collecction, but I'm feel I need to understand more stuff before moving to collections.


I feel like I'm sort of finding my own personal color schemes and sometimes I'm not completely confident about my eye, but I guess that's something you need to learn too.


New iterations. 





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