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Tropical Topography

I have always had a fascination with maps. I spent countless hours spinning the family globe as a child, and am constantly aware of my location geographically as I move throughout the world. When in a new place, finding a map and understanding where I am  is essential. I love travelling and fortunately have found a way to incorporate it into my professional life. My husband and I run a travel company that serves as a brokerage for private Spanish language schools in Latin America and Spain (SG Spanish Schools). We also offer customized intinerary design and vacation packages in Tanzania, Spain, and Latin America for families, groups and individuals (VBD Travel) . Since we are constantly seeing new places, I wanted to learn how to create digital maps. I needed to create a digital map for one of the locations we represent in Costa Rica, Tamarindo, to include in the welcome packet we send new clients. I decided to take this course to learn how to create a digital map. This was my first stab at Illustrator so I was proud just to come out with some sort of finished project. I now hope to vastly improve upon this one with other locations!

Here are various iterations of my final map:

Goal- very basic but graphically/visually appealing to highlight location of school relative to general area


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