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Tropical Picnic

I've watched the first video this weekend, and spent the entire weekend thinking of what picnics meant to me. Truth is, I was never much of a picnic girl, so I don't have a lot of references, except for the gingham red and summer days. So I started my brainstorming on paper, and didn't go much farther than listing those two things I just said, plus grass, summer, and bunnies (?). 

But this morning something just clicked, and I came up with the idea of a tropical picnic, and words and inspiration just came in waves. My picnic will be inspired by the summers I spend sailing through islands and eating crackers and cheese on the deck of our boat, with the sea breeze and the beautiful islands. 

I'm ready for video #2 now, and to search for inspirational images (i might be searching within my own photos, actually...)

Video #2 watched! I created a Pinterest board with my images:

After this search, I'm thinking my tropical picnic will be set in Rio de Janeiro in the 1950s. Toucans and Araras will be feasting on tropical fruits on sandy beaches. I'm thinking for this as a color scheme: 

Inspired by this photo: 

I did some sketches... Ugh, I'm pretty bad at them, but here it is:

Here are each bird:

Okay, here's a test pattern with all the birds:

A new pattern mix:


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