Tropical Fruit Ensemble

Tropical Fruit Ensemble - student project

This is such a great after work activity! Here're two pieces inspired by this class. 

1. Basic Practice with lemons 

As I worked on this piece, I found myself stacking up the layers as I prefer very solid color. As a result, they look way too vibrant to be real watercolors...but for now, I really enjoy the overlap of lemon slices. It makes a great pattern for a tote bag I guess.  

Tropical Fruit Ensemble - image 1 - student project


2. Tropical Ensemble 

Apart from lemons, I tried three other types of fruits. Again, I feel that they're too solid as water color paintings...this could be something I can continuously practice to achieve a more realistic look. 

Tropical Fruit Ensemble - image 2 - student project

This is the first time I tried digital water colors! The results don't look as realistic. But I'll continue to work on that and aim for an airy feel when coloring objects. Instead of using the masks to fill the colors, perhaps I should aim for more irregularity in watercolor pieces for a messy look. 


Please feel free to leave your feedback here! I would like to improve my illustration skills and your comments are gold. 



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