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Tropical & Fresh

I live in a mid-sized Tennessee town where you have plenty of produce, but not always exotic picks.  Since I didn't have anything too crazy to photograph, I decided to take a picture of the fruits and veggies I came home from the grocery store with this week!  I always take a little pride when my grocries are mostly fruits and vegetables, and this was one of those weeks!  I hope you enjoy this sample of what I came home fromt he store with.  Here's to a fresh, healthy week!

I like how things turned out alright, but I wish I had made my prdouce bleed out of the picture instead of creating such a sharp edge.  I thought I could crop, but I really had to keep the whole pineapple in the shot, so you can tell the produce just stops.  I also wish I had filled it in just a little more and that the food had more of a color theme.  I really like Julie's pictures are semi-monochromatic.  This one does not have a color theme, but it does have a flavor theme since this is mostly tropical fruits!


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