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Tropical Delight

Hey Everyone!

I only started this class a few days ago and I've already learned so much!

Starting with the opposing forces I decided to work with "straight vs. curved". I usually gravitate toward straight, geometric shapes so I decided this would be a great chance to work with more curved lines and shapes. Here are some of the patterns I made, working with line and value to create some variety. 


I ended up choosing to work with the top two patterns because I really liked the dimension created by the values in the first pattern and I thought the one next to it showed the contrast between straight and curved well. 

My color story is called Tropical Delight. I am a huge fan of bright, saturated colors because they are fun and make me think of summer, vacations, palm trees, and food! 


Here are the colorways I made with this color story. I would love to know if the colors work well together or if they make your eyes hurt (in a bad way!).



That's all I have for now!! I would love some feedback on the patterns and colorways. Do you think the second pattern works well or should I change some of the values of the colors?

****UPDATE 09/05/15****

I ended up changing the pattern with the curved shapes because I just wasn't happy with they way the ones above turned out. I thought I could have made the contrast of straight and curved a little more obvious.

I also changed the first color way name to 'Cherry Limeade' because it was the name I couldn't think of the other day haha. 

For my complimentary neutral pattern, I decided to make a motif that has both curved and straight edges.


Now presenting my final collection:





I believe the patterns mix well after doing the apron test:


I also did some mock ups to see what some of the patterns would look like on pillows!


I really enjoyed this class and learned so much about surface design!! I would love to hear your feedback :)


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