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Jacob Abruzzini

Industrial Designer



Tron Poster

Hello and thank you Brad for hosting this class. I'm an Industrial Design student in college. I recently started with my first ID internship and found out illustrator was a huge component to our design process when it comes to rendering and generating orthographic views of products. I have had very little experience with illustrator before, so I thought this class would be a perfect opportunity to get some practice under my belt.

I'm a big fan of the Tron Legacy, so I decided to recreate this movie poster done by Eric Tan. 

After the first few videos I was able to get the hang of using the pen tool as well as other tools to create the shapes in the poster. I think I'm off to a good start for now. Here is my progress so far. 

I finished CLU, Quorra and the lightcycles here in this update. The smaller details such as the lightcycles went suprisingly fast. I managed to get away with less complicated shapes/strokes since they are so small. Now to get the other smaller details done!

Like I said, things are going pretty smoothly right now, but I can see some problems I might run into later down the road, such as the dot patterns. I can see how I can do that in photoshop with a brush or something, but I'm wondering if there is some type of pattern tool in illustrator I can use...

After some extra research and practice I learned that the dot pattern is known as a Vector Halftone effect. There are several steps I had to take in order to create the effect as well as make it a vector drawing again since the effect is a photoshop feature within Illustrator. The pattern isn't perfect to the original, but I did my best to recreate it. Almost done! Just need to do the smaller details and add the type. 

Done!!! I changed some of the typography elements a bit from the original, but pretty much everything else is the same. Hope you guys like the end result!

Thanks for reading!


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