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Generally i like to shoot street photography but I've just been trying to gain some more skills by capturing anything that catches my eye. I see what I like and capture but editing is something that I want to get better at too. I use vsco cam to edit most of my pics, it's one of my favourate apps too because it is easy to use and flexible in terms of syncing.


As you can see the colours here look pretty contrasted but dull at the same time. This picture right now does not look appealing at all. I wasn't going to select this one for my project but I thought I'd give it a go and see how the edits turn out.


Monochrome edit

I enjoy black and white photos because sometimes you don't need colour to see the beauty in what has been captured. There is a simplicity in monochrome tones. This edit I feel, is really cold in terms of mood or feeling.


Street Etiqutte 3 aka SE3 (VSCOcam)

Recently I have been using this filter alot because it really accentuates the colours by making it more crisp and clear. It also brings the clarity up slightly which I like because more it boosts the details all around the photo. This edit to me feels 'fresh' , if that even makes sense.. lol 


Feel free to comment and would love to discuss about tips about taking photos, editing or anything else.


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