The creation of Triton:

The world I would create would be called Triton. Which is located in the 

Poseidon System. Triton as seen through the eyes of its inhabitants seen

as a beautiful paradise in space. Some might even say it was the pearl of the

galaxy. Shinning brightly in the black of space against the back drop of 

endless stars. The people of Triton felt very protected and secure on their

world as they went about their daily lives never giving any thought that

one day their world would be no more. Their world had given them all the

necessities such as food, water and shelter the things they needed to live out

a  peaceful and quiet life with each other.

For now the people and the  planet were one.  One using the soil to plant

ropes and the other rewarding their efforts with a good crops. As for building

cities and homes  the land was fertile and the foundations were very sturdy.

As for storms the people never really had to worry about facing severe

thunderstorms or hurricanes because the temperature was always 

moderate and never gave any indication of creating devastating storms. The

only real threat would come from below the planet. From inside its inner

core which remained in a dormant but constantly moving state far below the 

surface of the planet. For now the resources harvested from this core 

helped to power the homes and business on the surface of the planet. It 

helped to keep the balance of power on an even keel. As for the people

they trusted those in charge to do the right thing and to keep the power 

flowing as long as possible.

As for crimes being committed there were very little petty crimes such

as purses being stolen, wallets being picked and watches  being grabbed 

committed but nothing major such as murder, or rape. Most crimes were 

looked upon as being petty and committed by people trying to better their

lives on the expense of others. As for education it was thought that Triton

possessed the best education department in the galaxy. It had the best

education facilities such as colleges and universities and it was also 

thought that it graduated the brightest students on the entire planet.

Students who would go out and find their calling by joining the colonial star 

fleet academy and become commanders and captains of their own ships.

Or pilots and captains of their own squadrons one day on a starship. These 

were the dreams of the young on the planet to one day leave and make their

names famous out beyond the stars. As for Triton itself it kept to its orbit 

around its huge yellow sun never wavering and always in constant rotation.

The destruction of Triton:

As preciously mentioned Triton was for the most part a jewel in space  the 

perfect world for its people to live. However the biggest threat did not come 

from above in the case of an invasion from an alien threat but from the very

core of their own planet. It was said that one day the planet would bury itself

in fire and ash. That it would one day fold in on itself and leave nothing but

flat and barren land where great cities once stood. The real threat of Tritons

destruction came from its mining industry. Which proceeded to dig deeper 

 into the planets core. Until one day it would wake a sleeping giant to destroy

the only world they knew as home.

Wanting to breach the very core of the planet and harvest its power the

government would continue to mine using explosives to open up fissures

that would give them access to the core itself. This began to cause tremors

in the planet and on the surface. Oceans rose to gigantic waves, bridges

swayed and moved from side to side, buildings shook from side to side,

 the ground rose and opened and fell with each tremor. Houses  

began to  shake as people were moved from side to side as the tremors

moved them. For the first time in their lives the people of Triton felt fear

as their world began to fall apart. Fires began to rise up all over the city it 

was sheer terror for the people who had never had to face such a horror 

before now. They were completely caught off guard with this catastrophe.

Realizing that their world was in danger of being destroyed by fire and ash

 from a huge eruption from a sleeping volcano and feeling that they had no

choice but to flee their planet the inhabitants climbed aboard ships the

government had in reserve and headed for an outer planet. One they hoped

would accept and welcome them as visitors.  As the ships left the planet 

the inhabitants could only look back to the world they knew as home  and 

watch it burn and fold in on itself as the ash from the volcano covered the 

planet leaving only a dark and smoldering world.