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Tristano Peluqueria


last year, an old friend of mine who is a hairstylist ask me to develop a logo for his hair salon.

I see him as a craftsman, since he works with his hand in all kinds of hair and faces. Therefore, theres no presset that can represent that, so i chose to use the radical type.

At first, my handwriting was too stiff, but then my friend Juliano showed me your work and presented me with the possibility of caring less with perfection.

(in chronological order)

But, before i met your work, I was influenced by Billy Childish's assumed amauterism. Maybe im wrong, but i think you two have a similar way of thinking in this matter. You can see more about he on this interview:

So i started playing with the type and came up with this option. I had to let go of perfection and deal with detachment and emotion.

Now his hair saloon is doing great. Its nice to notice that the clients took in this handcraft concept, since they choose a taylored haircut instead of the presset service offered in big hair salon chains.

And better than that, It can suck, but I'm still In love with what I do.

And the radical type is getting me in another work too. My brother's movie, but this is in progress so I can not show mutch more than this.


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