Trip to Reunion Island

Trip to Reunion Island - student project

Hi !

What a delicious moment spent on this practise. Thanks so much Tom for brigging back the pleasure of Digital illustration. I really appreciate your step by step, notes and entousiasm during the sessions.


I grew up on a small remote french territory lost in the middle of indian ocean. Life is really different out there. Mix influences of french, indian, chinese and african culture is bringing a very unique sens of friendship and community. Colors are brights, weather always intense for the best or the worst.

I started few sketches based on some memories of my last visit there. I was working the first set of Spots with vivid color backgrounds and probably to mych details. It has been quite challenging to keep the same element of style for the second set but I'm starting to be happy with the result.


Trip to Reunion Island - image 1 - student project


Trip to Reunion Island - image 2 - student projectTrip to Reunion Island - image 3 - student projectTrip to Reunion Island - image 4 - student project

I will probably keep on going with more anecdotes extracted from the concept list mixing "clichés" and small secrets to guide fellows for their next trip to the Island.

I'm really amazed by all the high quality spots I saw around, thanks to everyone for sharing ! Thanks for the method and inspiration.