Trimming & Training Raspberry Plants

Trimming & Training Raspberry Plants - student project

This 16 minute course will leave you with the background info that you need to successfully trim and train your raspberry canes to maximize their fruit haul and grow healthy plants year after year. If you’ve got a green thumb that needs to be exercised and have a berry bramble that needs taming -- you’ve come to the right place!


At the completion of your the class, you’ll:

  • Understand the different parts of a raspberry plant
  • Have an understanding of raspberries’ perennial cycle
  • Be able to identify and successfully cut canes that need to be pruned
  • Have learned how to set-up trellises, including some ideas for creating your own


As a bonus, we’ll discuss some general tips and tricks for growing more successful raspberry brambles.


Our class project will be to trim and train our brambles into personalized trellises and share our experiences with others on your Skillshare Project Board [link]. Please see the Class Project [link] for more info.


This class is geared to pretty much anyone that wants to get outside, enjoy their green space and improve the health of and harvest from their raspberry plants. While there’s no experience necessary, even more experienced gardeners may find new tips and tricks in the course materials and classmates projects.


Link to full project outline and class project here: