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Tasha Jaeger

Designer, nerd, cook.



Trillium Arts Brand Identity

I started with my creative brief and my mood board (why oh why can't we upload pdf's?)

Creative brief:

  1. Background – Who is the client and what is their current situation?

    Trillium Arts is a multi-service creative endevor including: illustration; web, print, and multimedia design; custom fashion and fantasy leatherwork. Current brand identity is stale and doesn't show depth or breath of work.

  2. Objective – What are you trying to accomplish?

    To update the brand identity to be modern yet timeless, and show more representative examples of work.

  3. Target audience – Who are your client's ideal customers?

    Small businesses and individuals looking for unique designs that express their personality and that appreciate close attention to detail and high quality.

  4. Message – What is your client trying to say?

    Trillium Arts will bring creativity and a very high level of quality to design projects in many different media, and will make something that is truly unique and expresses the clients personality and style.

  5. Competition – Who are your client's biggest competitors?

    Other local design firms and leatherworkers

  6. Distinguishing Characteristics – What makes your client unique?

  • Designs in many different media

  • Produces the highest quality product

  • Works with clients to be sure that the results truly reflect their desires

  • Creative considerations – Does the client have any specific directives that should apply to the work? 
    Color palette should complement the leatherwork.

  • Tone or Keywords – What personality does the client want to project to their audience?

      • Fun

      • Sophisticated

      • Diverse

      • Surprising

      • Unexpected

    Mood board:

    Color & Color Logo

    Next, here are my colors and colorized logos.  I ended up with quite a few colors but they're really just shades of three different colors.  I did both light and dark background versions of the logo, and full and single color versions.


    Copy/body font will be Roseario, with header/display font Niagra solid. Brannboll Fet will be saved for display/accent.  Avenir medium is used in the logo, and is available for another display font. Niagra solid has a lot of old-west/old-time feel, which goes with leatherworking, while Rosario is elegant and almost a semi-serif, which makes it look right with the more skinny Niagra. Brannboll adds a personal touch of fun, with Avenir adding a more modern touch.


    And here is my presentation.  I'm going to be making other drawings that match the mood board more closely (specifically I'm planning on doing a drawing of a laughing geisha, and Cthulhu in a top hat, a steampunk airship, a retro rocket).  For now I'm using an etching I did of a ocean sunfish that has sort of the feel that I'm after, as the drawings will take some time.


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