Trifold Goose Card

Trifold Goose Card - student project

For my project, I decided to create a trifold card for my boyfriend's mother. She loves geese, so I knew that I wanted to feature them in the design. I first played around sketching different styles of geese and even made a mock up with a different goose but I really liked the look of this plumper goose. I had happened to sketch two of these plump geese overlapping due to lack of space on my page but ended up liking the look of them together and decided to work on that idea further.

Trifold Goose Card - image 1 - student project

I first sketched a very rough guide of the two geese on top of each other, along with an oval guide around them. I then copied this using two separate colours to clearly show the two layers. I started to play a little with some additional floral design around the edges of the ovals.

Trifold Goose Card - image 2 - student project

As I don't have a photocopier or printer on hand, I transfered my design using tracing paper. I copied the designs from my rough draft, I also perfected the outline and added more exact floral and decorative motifs around the border. I made sure the designs lined up as I wanted them to and then copied them onto the back of where I wanted the design (as they are reverse images).

Trifold Goose Card - image 3 - student project

I chose to use two complimenting colours of card to add to the dimension of the design. Now it was time to cut!

Trifold Goose Card - image 4 - student project

Finally, I carefully erased any light pencil marks that were remaining and I glued the cards together and this was the final piece:

Trifold Goose Card - image 5 - student project

Trifold Goose Card - image 6 - student project