Tried automatism drawing and writing

Tried automatism drawing and writing - student project

What is painting?

It is the expression of the subconscious mind. When you think things are the way they should be, then you refine the meaningful world to an expression with only the means of knowing and understanding. It is when you let loose, when you know that you don't know for sure, then the beauty of the things will be automatically expressed in a way that your conscious mind won't be able to comprehend. Though we say there are skills in all sorts of things, drawing included. It should not be understood as then we should only rationale for expression. Again, drawing is just a means. A means to express. A means to allow us to see the beauty of the manifested world in another angle. Let loose. Let be. Yes, of course, have fun. You aren't have to take a class or to work on a task. You be here, and to be here, you are here.

Annie QQ
math girl who wants to be an artist