Tricycle Driver at Pabean Market, Surabaya, Indonesia | Skillshare Projects

Andrew Suryono

Award Winning Accidental Travel Photographer



Tricycle Driver at Pabean Market, Surabaya, Indonesia

For this assignment, I took 2 photos that depicts the daily life of tricycle drivers at the largest traditional market in my town called the Pabean Market.

The tricycle drivers make a living by transporting people, goods and scraps to whichever place you ask them too. The first picture shows them when they're working early in the morning. Since most people haven't woken up yet, they start their day by transporting scraps.


The second photo shows what they do on their break time: talking with friends and chiling out at whatever place they could find.


Thanks for looking at my images. I welcome any feedbacks, comments or questions. Have a great day!


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