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Trick or Treat Pirate

Hi Everyone,

Below are a few of my sketches and renderings throughout this class.


I am not an illustrator by trade, so bear with me- I tried :)  I think if I have time later, I will render the first three.  They were my favorite, and I like the idea of the pirate in training theme with the kiddos. 


This is what one of the characters looked like after creating shapes in Illustrator.  I used the pen tool/tablet and filled in the shapes with misc. colors.  Afterwards, I made some more shape adjustments and exported him to photoshop. 


Here is the final rendering.  I updated the exported image with different colors, added some shading, character details, and a background to add to the story.

All in all I'm happy with the outcome, he's a cute character :) 

Thanks for visiting! 


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