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Tribute to Elisa Larrea :D

----------- 25 Aug 2016 ----------

Hey Guys!!!

I got so inspire by the work of Elisa Larrea, that, i could not stop myself from doing this little

tribute based on her project... with a certain touch of my art. Hope you like it. If you have a chance to check out her work, do it. You wont regret it.


--------- 16 Aug 2016 -----------

The lines that made this man

So i finally finished the proyect i show you guys a few days ago. I have to say that it was very challenging i had to find in me the patience and the will to continue in hours not so commoun to work. This because of my work scheadle, but at the very end y enjoy every moment of it. So here it is, hope you like it :D


If you want to, i will upload more pics in a closeup in my IG acount. You can find me as:


------ 11 Aug 2016 ----------

Hey guys, sorry u havent had time to upload more of my practices. You see, this week we have been very busy in the office with two proyects wich deadline it is at 30s of this month.  Also, today was my birthday so a little party was necesary ;)

But i wanted to show you my more recent proyect, so lets say its a WIP



Hope to recive some replays and comments about it. I will upload more in the next days. So be watching :D

------- 6 Aug 2016 ----------

Yesterday i made these designs as a warm up for another doodle im working in.

It was somethig simple, but it take me a while, and when i finished, i could not stop myself for go litttle bit more getting it digital and other stuff. Hope you like it.




------- 4 .Aug 2016 ----------

As a designer i really like to combine all my experiences and knowledge into my work and my art. 

This is a little something that i made yesterday in a flush of creativity. You know how is this, outside my window was rainy, a storming night indeed. All i could think of was in the lightings... so i decided to base this doodle in that element.




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