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Tribal Warrior

Part 1

This is the first step of the project for me. I think some shapes still need to be tweaked maybe, especially towards the legs and feet. I took me some warm up before I was able to get some believable proportions out of my imagination. I struggle with that even when drawing from models. 

My only ideas are that I want to give a tribal theme to my character. I'm thinking about details such as bones, fangs and fur for decoration. 

Part 2

This took me soooo long. It shouldn't have, I guess. I wasn't getting anywhere with the silhouettes I liked. But after fiddling around with them for a few hours I was able to get something out of them. 

I like all of them almost equally.

Number 1 looks like Ill be able to pull off something simple but solid. I like his proud pose. 

Number 2 I especially like the mask and the sandals. He could really become a scary witch doctor. 

Number 3 I really like the pose and the flowing "cape" and hair. I had a bit of trouble getting his right leg bent the way I wanted. 

I think I'm leaning towards 1 and 3. And maybe Ill transfer some of the elements of 2 to number 1 especially. 


Refined the armor design a bit. I decided to go with a more barbarian/viking theme on the first 2 from left to right, and then a more "native american" design on the last one. I need to choose which one to take further now. 


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