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Triangular Shape Language with Peregrine Falcon Inspiration

I started this, but am far from finished. Here's the Character Work-Up Sheet: 


Next I did up a gesture to outline the character base and will concept it from there.


Please ignore the 'nipples', they are there just for form placement and will not be part of the final image. (i.e.- Be adults and respect the artistic design process.)

Here are some refs that I used:


A quick update: I concepted up an outfit that I'm happy with so far, using as many triangular shapes as I could think of, and used a few more ideas from my worksheet like the beak shape to the hair and unique peregrine falcon pattern on the wing jets. I may use that pattern across the entire wings, gotta see how it looks before I decide. Here's the full concept, next will be a fully inked version of my new character!:


Here's the final piece.


I almost forgot, here's the sillohuette!


Thanks for looking at my work. Had quite a bit of fun doing this, and learned a lot too. Thank you for a great class!


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