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mitch jacksonThe Purpose Behind My Communication Tips Blog is Simple…

To help YOU become a better communicator

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After all, as George Bernard Shaw once famously wrote, “The problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred”

To MAKE SURE your next communication is not only heard, but acted upon, I’m sharing almost 3 decades of trial lawyer communication tips to show EVERYONE (not just trial lawyers) how to make an impact, fascinate others, and close deals just like the best trial lawyers in the world.


Do you know the 5 step process most good lawyers use to effectively communicate? Are you “case framing” and doing the communication dance? Do you know why you need to throw communication jabs before stepping forward and landing a right hook to close the deal? Well, the answers to these questions and more are all available right here and right now!

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Class Goals...

My goal is to turn this blog into the top communication tip blog on the internet. In addition to sharing my own tips, I want to continue tapping into the minds and resources of leading communicators from all walks of life and share their knowledge and tips with my readers.

I'm not really interested in monitizing the site but am open to suggestions. My main goal is to continue helping others while at the same time, expanding my sphere of influence. Frankly, I'm a full time trial lawyer who enjoys helping others and so this is just a passion project as opposed to a business or job. Hope that makes sense.

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I've got thick skin and enjoy getting constructive feedback. Thanks everyone!


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